Im James Moore I was diagnosed with Asperges at the age of 12 and OCD at the age of 14, which led me to face challenges such as talking to people and making friends. I went to a mainstream school where I went through a hell of a time. Nobody understood me I had  No friends, no hobbies; I was lost.
I Ended up in this place called the student support centre at Senior school for 2 and a half years. Although I did not like being there, it was my hiding spot to avoid social interaction.
One day something happened that would change my life:
One night, I stumbled across a point and shoot Fuji camera that was given to me as a birthday gift. I picked it up and started taking random images. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be taking pictures of, but all I knew was that I found something I enjoyed. I specifically remember approaching my sister and told her that I want to be a photographer She told me you can be or do any thing you put your mind to, to which I responded: “No, I’m not good at it, in fact, I’m not good at anything”. I put the camera down.
The very next day I decided to pick the Fuji camera back up then went into the garden with my dad I went around and took random images I just loved the buzz I got out of taking images.Later that year I got my very own DSLR camera for my 14 birthday, A Nikon D3100.
I was in love with it. I looked through photography magazines, which inspired me to develop my passion I discovered the educational side to YouTube and began to teach my self-photography by stopping and starting the youtube video and writing things down in a note book. I went from being in a place where I thought I was never going to come out of it alive, to becoming completely invested in an art-form that took my focus away from the negativity in my life.

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